How did a boy from Montana, a girl from Chicago, and a stray cat from Texas end up living together on a 42′ sailboat in the Caribbean and deciding to cruise the world?  Meet Skeeter, Amy, and Momo.


Skeeter grew up in Dillon, Montana, a small ranching community of about 5 thousand people.    His Dad, Mike, was deputy sheriff of Dillon, and part of the local search and rescue team.  He needed a dive buddy, so 14 year old Skeeter begged and begged and begged to get scuba certified along with Mike.  Though very young, Skeeter quickly proved himself and became a very competent diver.

Over the next few years, Skeeter became involved in his local dive club, the search and rescue team, and even ice diving.  Brrr!!!  In 2004, Skeeter became a PADI Open Water Instructor at The Sports Cove in Bozeman, MT.  Skeeter taught diving in pools and guided dives in lakes, reservoirs, and hot springs for a couple of years.  On a dive trip with the Sports Cove to Cozumel, Mexico, Skeeter realized what diving in warm water on tropical reefs was like.  Skeeter decided that it was time for a change…he needed MORE of this tropical diving, and less of the cold, low-visibility diving of Montana.

In 2006, Skeeter did what few other small town Montana boys would ever do.  He packed up his bags and hopped on a plane to the Cayman Islands to work on the Nekton Rorqual, a scuba live-aboard.  That’s where he met Amy, accumulated hundreds of days of sea time so he could get his captain’s license, and developed his passion for the ocean and traveling.


Amy grew up in Chicago and developed her passion for traveling and the Spanish language when she went to Mexico with her Jr. High Spanish club.  She had always had a love for swimming, and began swimming competitively in 6th grade.

She studied in Guatemala and Costa Rica in college and furthered her love for travel and languages.  After college, Amy became a High School Spanish teacher.  She worked extremely hard and ended up burning herself out quickly.  Amy decided to take an extended backpacking trip by herself through Central America, from Guatemala to Costa Rica,  to figure out what she really wanted to do with the rest of her life.

During her travels through Central America she decided to make a short stop in Utila, Honduras.  Her brother had traveled there a couple of years prior and thought Amy would enjoy the island and learning how to scuba dive.  He was right.  Somehow a couple of days turned into 2.5 years.  Amy fell in love with scuba diving at Utila Dive Center, and became obsessed with the ocean.  She became a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and led many dives and taught many courses at Cross Creek Dive Center and Laguna Beach Resort, both in English and Spanish.

Amy finally continued her Central American travels and backpacked across Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.  She then returned to teaching Spanish at “El Lago del Bosque,” Concordia Language Villages, worked at Dive Safaris in St. Maarten, waited tables at Buckles in Jasper, Canada, and finally made her way down to the Cayman Islands where she worked on the scuba liveaboard the Nekton Rorqual and met Skeeter.


Momo spent the first year of his life on the streets of Pearland, Texas.  He met Skeeter and Amy in their driveway one evening.  He was very afraid of people, but he had very bad fleas (unbeknownst to Skeeter and Amy) and really wanted someone to scratch his little head.  For about a week they gave him food, water, love, and a comfy bed made from some towels and a laundry basket.  Then they invited him inside, and he infested their house with fleas.  After they cleaned up Momo and rid the house of fleas, it was time to teach Momo how to be a pet and to tame his wild habits.  A lot of progress was made.  At first he didn’t even know how to play, but soon they had him playing, eating out of a food dish instead of the trash can, and even going potty on the TOILET, thanks to the Litter Kwitter!

Momo has really become an awesome feline companion.  It’s amazing how he’s transformed from a dirty, flea-infested street cat to a highly adaptable, toilet-using, world traveler.  He’s adapted very well to Skeeter and Amy’s on-the-move lifestyle.  He’s stayed in numerous houses and hotels, ridden in cars on cross-country road trips, flown in planes, and now even lives on a sailboat!  He has also gone for two swims in the ocean, but that was definitely not on purpose!

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