After enjoying the underwater world as a scuba professional for over 10 year now, I decided to get into underwater videography so I could help those who do not scuba dive understand how truly amazing the underwater world is.

GoPro Hero 3 Black

The camera that I am currently filming with is the GoPro Hero 3 black edition with display screen (so I can properly frame my shots).  It’s very wide angle, so you really need to get in close to your subject for the best shots.  I have upgraded the SD card so I can shoot in raw, getting the best possible quality shots.  Then I use the GoPro Studio software to edit my videos.


To help keep the colors looking good, you really need a good underwater light.  I’ve really been enjoying my Archon W40VR video light.  I especially like it for filming under ledges, in canyons, and in swim throughs.  It’s extremely bright, 2600 lumens (don’t look directly into it, or you’ll be seeing stars for a while…lol….I learned this the hard way!).  In addition to the really bright white light it has a less intense white setting, and a blinking setting.  It also has an awesome red, purple, and UV light for excellent lighting on night dives.

If you’re interested in getting one of these lights to improve the quality of your underwater videos, give me a shout.  I can send you a discount code good for $35 off if you buy it through the Amazon link I provided above.

Here are my completed underwater videos so far.  Enjoy!

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